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rfranzq 19-05-2017 09:21

Suggestions for International SIM card for use in Europe.
This is a hypothetical and generic question.
I am seeking the opinions of people in Europe about:

1. What International SIM card would you recommend to someone visiting "Europe" in the next few weeks.

2. With all the changes in June, what would you suggest in a few months?
Is it too early to really know what will be true to answer that question?

3. Will the rates for calling mobile in certain historic SIM card venues be better in June? That is Isle of Man, Channel Islands, or Estonia?

Perhaps there are also some better questions to ask so feel free to ask or answer them in this thread.

ghostrider 21-05-2017 21:54

Well, here in Italy two major carriers (Wind and Three, probably because they are merging) have anticipated the deadline for roaming cost cuts, so if you buy one of their sim cards and buy a package too, it will work throughout Europe. I recommend Wind. You can activate an option putting just the necessary money. When you don't need it anymore, just don't put money and the option (and the sim card itself) will remain in st-by up to 360 days.

rfranzq 22-05-2017 03:00


Originally Posted by ghostrider (Post 49108)
Well, here in Italy two major will work throughout Europe.

Perhaps this is the future:
Buy whatever SIM is the best in the first country you get to
and use it all over Europe.

dg7feq 22-05-2017 11:41

yes i would recommend the same. Dont twist your brain anymore

ghostrider 23-05-2017 12:50


Originally Posted by saranmahesh (Post 49114)
Buy sim cards of having that

What does it mean?

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