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bourbonkiller 23-04-2017 10:18

ALDI Talk Roaming troubles
I've been to Bulgaria the week before easter and as always, I had my Backup phone with the German Aldi SIM with me. Phone registerred fine on the network. I've booked the EU Data package, got the confirmation SMS immediately, but there was no working data connection. Tried it for 3 days, nothing. Even on my way home in Switzerland and at home there was no data available.

The phone worked without problem on my Germany Trip 3 weeks ago. I even did a Network settings reset, again nothing. The online account showed me 500 of 500 MB available on the last remaining day of the Package.

Searching the web gives evidence, that Aldi has roaming problems (users in other countries seem to have the same problems).

Has anyone expierienced the same issues? At least it seems you can't rely on the service at the moment...

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Motel75 24-04-2017 07:44

I tried an Aldi Talk SIM with the 5 GB data package in Britain last week and there was no data connection.

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