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bourbonkiller 07-02-2017 13:00

Limited roaming networks for SALT Switzerland
I do have a Europe unlimited plan from SALT (ex orange) in Switzerland. I work in Switzerland and live in Austria, therefor I am roaming quite often in austrian networks.

With no automatic network selection, it used to be T-Mobile. During our last stay in our mountain cabin last week of December, where only A1 has coverage, I encountered problems with network selection. My salt mobile lost connection to A1 network, which was very stable before. I didn't think about it too much, as the network is always busy around new years eve.

One month later it looks like they changed (restricted) roaming networks. The prefered roaming in Austria now seems to be 3 (Drei). There is still no chance to select A1 roaming manually.

I had a phone call with salt customer support first week of january and they told me, that they have lot's of complaints, as o2 has some outage of their roaming platform, salt switzerland relies on.

What do you guys think about restriction and the underlying o2 roaming platform for salt as a swiss provider?


dg7feq 08-02-2017 09:31

many operators that offer "free" roaming restrict the roaming to "friendly" networks to save cost.
Usually you can bypass this by selecting the desired operator at least 4x in a row manually.

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