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ghostrider 07-10-2016 21:37

Airbalticcard choose your own number (CLI)
A few days ago, surfing on the mobile site of Airbaltic card roaming sim I noticed this interesting funcion. They describe it this way:

"airBalticcard Mobile users can configure their own CLI (Calling Line Identification) in personal account, so that it could be shown on the display of a call recipient. By default CLI of airBalticcard Mobile is the number +3725X XXXX, by using this feature any other combination can be set up.
Example: an employee of a customer support service of a German car manufacturer company makes calls from airBalticcard Mobile while travelling abroad. When his calls reach recipients the number that is shown on their display is the number of his department in Germany, in order not to confuse his partners by calling from an international (not German) number.
This service is free of charge."

I was very curious to test this function so I ordered a new sim card that arrived in no time. Please notice that this particular function seems to be available only if you set it up via mobile site, since it doesn't appear on the standard web site. Apart from this, I wrote the number (in international format, e.g. +39348.....) I desired in the designated field but got no confirmation after clicking the button. I made a test call and indeed it worked, showing the cli I have chosen.
Would you please be so kind and check if this behaviour happens to you too?
I asked to their helpdesk at but got no reply.

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