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h693207 21-09-2016 08:54


can someone answer me some questions about the XXSIM?

- Is the SIM itself free?
- For example I'm in the dominican republic and someone in germany calls the +372 is the incoming call free for me (as the tarif calculator says) or do I have to pay the 0,15 anyway?
- Is it possible to get a german number for XXXSIM? What's the pricing. (base fee and incoming call charge)

borjeg 21-09-2016 12:16

I guess you mean XXsim. It's an Estonian card, so you'll have a +372-number. If you want a German number, you'll have to find a virtual German number to direct your calls from. It will, of course, cost you extra.

Finally, if the cost calculator shows "free", that's what it is.

bourbonkiller 21-09-2016 18:44

I've ordered a XXSim three weeks ago for a South America journey. The SIM will cost, I think it's 9,90 or 12,90. If you do not order top up's, the SIM comes with zero balance.

You will need to register the SIM via website and you can reload balance within the service area via paypal or credit card. Handling of the SIM is very convenient.

Incoming calls are mostly free, unless the rate calculator tells something different. There is a free call forwarding from the SIM to other numbers.

The surcharge of 0,15 is only if you order a landline number that forwards to XXSim, or with the feature of Skype and Viber calls TO your number.

There is a network of several free inbound numbers in certain countries. Free refer always for the caller. Whenever someone calls YOU via local dial in numbers, free Skype or free Viber Calls, YOU will be charged the 0,15 per minute.


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