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123456 07-07-2016 19:09

Orange double Gb until 31 Aug 2016
Double data on these Domestic bundles of Orange Mundo until 31 Aug 2016:
2Gb instead of 1 Gb - 9 euro
4Gb instead of 2 Gb - 15 euro



If you go to Spain in the first weeks of September, like me, remember to activate it in the last days of August via the website or the app.

peterdoo 08-07-2016 11:49

I would be careful with that. The last time Orange had a similar promotion, they simply increased the allowance to everybody on the first day of the promotion without the need to restart the cycle and decreased it again at the end of promotion no matter when the last activation has been made.

If they do it the same way this time, then when you activate 1 GB tariff (2GB with promotion) on August 31st, you will probably find out that when you arrive to Spain in September, you will only see 1 GB as available.

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