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wco81 07-10-2015 04:14

Tim "4g"
Is it LTE or Some HSPA variant?

I get speeds of 35-40 Mbps, sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

My iPad always shows "4G" but wondering if other devices ever displays "LTE" on TIM.

They also advertise 4G Plus now.

My iPhone roaming on US T-Mobile has displayed Vodaphone LTE in many of the same places in Sicily where my iPad shows 4G on TIM.

dg7feq 07-10-2015 16:34

in europe usually you get LTE if LTE is shown, so 4G...

wco81 07-10-2015 18:07

Well I don't think I've ever seen "LTE" displayed on TIM, including in the center of Rome.

My iPad is suppose to include the LTE bands used by TIM.

Flew from Italy to Frankfurt. Soon as I touched down I turned on the cell radio and it got a 4G signal. During the long taxi, I got only 2 or 3 bars and speed test showed only 8/2. Closer to the terminal, got 5 bars. Downloaded a bunch of emails and did another speed test and it was hitting 35-40 Mbps down before it suddenly cut off. Got a couple of SMS in Italian, indicating I had used up the 50 MB daily roaming in the EU and US.

It said I would be charged €1 per MB.

Oh well.

I'll check tomorrow to see if I get another 50 MB. Then when I return to the US, will check again.

I'll be glad when the roaming is gone, as it could make visiting more than one EU country during a trip easier to deal with.

Anyways, "4G" is providing speeds comparable to what I get with LTE back in US.

dg7feq 08-10-2015 10:35

4g = lte...
3g = wcdma, hspa, hspa+
2g = gprs, edge

Effendi 13-10-2015 11:28

I confirm LTE and 4G are the same thing, at least here in Europe. And yes, TIM's 4G network is LTE for sure.

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