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DaveRo 30-08-2015 17:36

Lidl topup - can I use a Fonic topup voucher?
I have a Lidl sim. I am in the UK. I tried buying a Fonic topup code via and paypal. It said that paypal one-click was successfully set up but payment failed:
Maybe because I used a UK address - to match my paypal account.

I will be driving through Germany next week en route to Austria, but do not want to search for a lidl. Will any Fonic topup from a kiosk work?

(I want to use EU Paket 150 while in Austria)

inquisitor 30-08-2015 22:10

Yes, you can recharge a Lidl SIM with Fonic vouchers but keep in mind that the smallest available face value for Fonic is € 20.

DaveRo 31-08-2015 00:02

Thanks. I thought it probably was, but I didn't know what you meant by 'inofficial' on one of your other websites.

inquisitor 31-08-2015 00:07

"Unofficial" simply means that Lidl never made mention of Fonic vouchers being accepted but as a matter of fact it has ever since been working.

wolfbln 07-11-2015 19:48

I thought that I may update this thread as still people are reading it and the information given is now outdated and partly wrong.

LIDL changed networks and partners in October 2015.

Old LIDL SIM cards called Lidl Mobile sold until September 2015 in Lidl stores still work like usual on the O2 (Telefónica) network with free roaming on 3G of E-plus. They are now renamed into Fonic Mobile and you need to get a Fonic top-up voucher (e.g. in a Lidl store). But starters are not sold anymore over the counter.

Effective October 2015 all new SIM cards sold at Lidl's are on their new MVNO called "Lidl Connect" using the Vodafone network in 2G and 3G. They have very similar rates to Lidl mobile, now Fonic mobile, but on another network.

For the new Lidl connect to top up, you need the new Lidl connect vouchers sold at Lidl's or any Vodafone call ya voucher available (inofficial).

DaveRo 20-12-2015 15:48

And the website is now

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