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T3mp0 20-06-2015 06:09

Fonic money transfer
Hello to all

Is there a way to transfer money (balance or whatever you call it) from one number to another?

I have recharged my account with 10 EUR and activated the Smart S. Turns out that it did not activate immediately and when I turned the mobile data on it consumed some cents from my balance. Now it says:

It seems to me it will not be activated because there is not sufficient balance (at least 9,95) on my account (despite showing the information Smart S 'Aktiv ab 20.06.2015'. Yesterday it was 'Aktiv ab 19.06.2015')

So I think if there was a way to transfer some money from another user (one of my family has some extra on his account) I could try to reactivate it.

andy 20-06-2015 11:24

I don't know for Fonic. Some brands seem to have this option betwen their own customers but some seem to dislike it.

wolfbln 21-06-2015 23:26

You are right. Some have this option, but not Fonic.

You can get a 5 € top-up voucher at Lidl to refill
Or you can add 0.13 € by bank transfer, if you are willing to wait.

So I never quite understood the advantage of the transfer form SIM to SIM option but in emergencies.

Hope, you'll learn the golden rule for German SIM cards: NEVER activate data until your package has been confirmed. Fonic charges 24ct per MB, but only around 2ct/MB in packs.

T3mp0 22-06-2015 05:02

Thanks for the tip wolfbln. I'll see if that works. Seems to be very useful in my situation.

Ah, one question. On that page there is the following information:


Rufnummer und vierstellige Prüfsumme1 im Format: 01xx-xxxxxxx-abcd
My phone numbers does NOT match, I have one digit more: 0176-98xxxx17 and what is that abcd at the end?

inquisitor 22-06-2015 11:47


Originally Posted by T3mp0 (Post 47978)
My phone numbers does NOT match, I have one digit more: 0176-98xxxx17 and what is that abcd at the end?

That is the checksum which you can calculate at where you simply need to enter your phone number and click "weiter".

T3mp0 22-06-2015 14:10

Thanks inquisitor.

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