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ucartech 04-06-2015 19:31

Lycamobile UK
I want to know if Prepaid Data Plan from Lycamobile UK can be used in 3G Wifi Router? I couldn't find the information on their website. Is there any Prepaid Data Plan ( Pay As you Go ) from other operators that allow for use in 3G Wifi Router. How about Tesco Mobile? It seems the plan is the most reasonable one. I am planning to visit UK for a week and I need mobile internet connection during our trip.

Thank you.


peterdoo 05-06-2015 09:45

Toggle Mobile which uses the same APN as Lycamobile UK does not allow for sharing the internet connection with various devices. So using it in a 3G Wifi Router, most connections are blocked. I would assume that would be similar with Lycamobile UK.

PhotoJim 12-06-2015 19:43

Three will sell you a SIM with a gigabyte of DATA on it for a pretty reasonable price (bigger data allotments are available and, of course, you can top up). I bought a gig of data including a complete LTE mobile hotspot for 60 pounds taxes in. A SIM by itself would be considerably less.

Three's network seems pretty good now, particularly in the cities.

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