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gaztelugatxe 16-10-2014 22:28

Lebara FR SIM Card NOT working

My lebara sim card stop working before my trip to France. I contacted customer service and they were very supportive sending me a new sim card.

Unfortunately the new card was useless and customer service couldn´t help me. Finally they wrote me an e-mail informing that my sim card had been cancelled due to non-compliance (couldn´t make/receive phone calls).

Strangely my lebara account is still active but following information appears now (I left France on the 04th October and it seems it was "somehow reactivated" on the 09th October??)

Bundles Remaining Expires
Main Account 0 2014-11-08
FR Data 50 Mo 2014-11-09
All-In-One – L2L Mins Unlimited 2014-11-09
All-In-One – L2L SMS Unlimited 2014-11-09

Usage History
Dialled Number Cost Duration Type Date & Time
XXXXX 1c 00:10 VOICE XX Jul 2014 XX:XX

Top Up History
Date & Time TopUp Type Amount Free Credit Free Minutes Balace Before Balance After
09 Oct 2014 09:00 CS Admin debit 5€ — 0€ 7.354€ 2.354€
09 Oct 2014 09:00 330006 5€ 0 0€ 0€ 5€

Is there anything I can do to make it work?
Thank you.


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