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PhotoJim 09-09-2014 17:39

Data sims plus Canadian calling from UK?

Looks like our second UK visit will be in May 2015. Alas, my Camel SIM with Orange died after I forgot to top it up a couple of years ago. The trip will involve a week in London so coverage in the boonies is not really an issue.

Here's what we likely need:
- 2 iPad SIMs, 1-2 GB each - we use these in the field so we don't want to depend on WiFi
- data SIM (so I don't need to buy hotel WiFi), 2-5 GB should do; I'd consider tethering devices to one of the iPads but it's not my favourite solution. I have a lovely TP-Link mini-router so I can use unlocked data sticks I already have (3G) or buy a local LTE one (my LTE ones don't likely support EU bands).
- 2 voice SIMs, could just be voice/text but better if they come with 200 MB or more of data. If there were something like Orange's Camel that permitted cheap direct calling to Canada, that would rock; we found that so convenient last time we were there.

(I'll need the same for France [Paris only] so if there's some solution that will also work in France for some or all of these, that would be tempting, but I'm expecting to buy a similar set of solutions there.)


Last time we used Orange for Canadian calling and O2 for UK calling and inbound calls (I didn't know about Orange until I got there, otherwise I might have used it exclusively), and I picked up T-Mobile for tethering. We didn't have tablets and my Treo smartphone didn't need a lot of data. :) Things have changed, though.

Thanks in advance!


Stu 10-09-2014 14:51

If you have a prior recharge on a Three SIM, you can roam in France for no extra money.

That said, I'm wondering about an EE prepaid SIM for the future because of its support for wifi calling on an iPhone.

PhotoJim 10-09-2014 21:04

Thanks for the suggestions. No tethering while roaming, but that might be livable. And the EE one is worth considering too.

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