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reedles 25-08-2014 16:47

American Student Studying in France
Hello all,

I am a university student that will be studying in Lille, France for three months (January 2015-March 2015).

I'm really new to understanding how SIM cards work and what my options are, so please excuse my lack of technical knowledge and lexicon.

I currently have a Verizon iPhone 5. I want to have domestic calling, text, and data while in France. I don't particularly care for call and text back to the States.

So, here are a few questions.

When one buys a SIM card, what do it mean that you buy credit as well? Do you pay for a certain amount of usage upfront?

If I were to travel within the EU, but outside of France, will I still be able to use the same SIM card or do I need to have a different card per country?

What are the best available options?

I would love to sift through all of your experiences and reports and I really appreciate all of you for posting, however I need to understand some of the basic information before I can dive into all your technical discussions.

Thanks for your help!


BertrandDupuis 22-10-2014 16:41

One good operator for roaming is Vectone Mobile
Hi there !

You will soon arrive in France. I hope you like it.

One good operator for you could be Vectone mobile. They say they are cheaper than everyone else, and with roaming, it is the case. (I made a comparaison with other big brands, and there is no doubt.)
You can travel to most of the countries in Europe, and it will still be cheaper than all the others.

Be careful though. The network they use is not the greatest. Outsite a good covered area, your calls can be shut, and you would have to try once or twice.
But you get what you pay for. This is what I am looking for.
Have a look at their website : it is also in English :

Enjoy France !

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