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geoff 12-05-2014 17:11

Where to buy?
I haven't been to Europe in years, and will be meeting my wife in London after her business trip at the end of the week for a week in Scotland. I'm flying into Heathrow and meeting her at a train station. I'm sure my old German T-Mobile prepaid sim is long dead, and my US CDMA Verizon phone doesn't do international GSM frequencies. My options are to switch US phones or carriers before I leave, or pick up a UK SIM as soon as I land. If I understand correctly, there are SIM vending machines (Vendpoint?) around LHR. Is this my best option? I want to be able to call my wife after I land so we can coordinate on meeting up for the train ride to Edinburgh

NFH 12-05-2014 23:30

Which terminal at LHR are you arriving at? Terminal 5 has a Vendpoint machine airside (in baggage reclaim) and Terminal 3 has one landside (next to the ramps down to the Tube).

It sounds as if there isn't enough time for me to send a free giffgaff SIM (with 5 free credit) to you in the US.

geoff 13-05-2014 18:50

I arrive on United, so I assume Terminal 1 at LHR. From their web site, it looks like Vendpoint has several machines there, as well as every other terminal

Any recommendation on the various flavors of SIMs from the vending machines?

NFH 13-05-2014 18:56

I would go for Lycamobile (O2 network), otherwise EE (deteriorating coverage). Both have 4G. Vendpoint has neither giffgaff nor Three SIM cards, which are the ones I would recommend.

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