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Schlips1 17-07-2013 21:00

Validity Yoigo

my Yoigo SIM with actual tariff "La del Cero Tarjeta" was blocked by Yoigo.

In Roaming no outgoing calls or (payable) SMS nor incoming calls had been possible. After sending an e-mail to Yoigo I found the only solution, to get in contact with CC: Sending a SMS to 622. This worked, even in roaming.

I was told that my Sim got blocked after 9 months after my last recharge (despide having money on my account) and the asked me, if they should lift the blockade (it worked!).

I think, it is funny to get contact to the CC by SMS. Are there other companies, who have the same service?

dohouch 25-07-2013 08:46

I think it was blocked after 6 months without top-up, adding new credit. :chair:
I have the same "La del Cero Tarjeta" . I do go to Spain often enough to top-up physically, have never set up a credit/debit card but would do if I could not get to Spain for 6 months.

Good to hear you got it unblocked.:D

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