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Jungle 14-04-2013 13:59

Getting Sim Card on Sunday
I will arrive to Austria (from Munich) on Sunday and will need the card on the same day.
Where can I get a prepaid Sim Card (Data) on a Sunday?


willydat 14-04-2013 19:10

On sundays the choice is really limited!
Post-offices, only a few in big towns will be open, sell A1 and bob.
Tobacconist´s ("Tabak-Trafik") at bigger railway stations will be open, they sell their brand "kwikki" an offspring of yesss!
in Salzburg main-station also the "SPAR" -supermarket will be open
(Sun 8-23!), their brand is "s-budget-mobile"
A1 and bob details can be found here:
PrePaidGSM: Austria
kwikki tarif is similar to yesss! at 6,9 ct/min,text,32kb kwikki - Die schnelle Nummer aus der Trafik)
s-budget-mobile offers only flat rates: 1000min+1000text+1000mb for 10€/mon; Startseite - S-BUDGET MOBILE
sorry, homepages in german only!
regards from austria

willydat 14-04-2013 19:17

forgot to mention:
s-budget starter-pack is 14,90€ (it is also sold in their online-shop, shipping to austria and germany only), includes first 30 days (with 1000min+... as metioned above)
and kwikki is 9,90€, includes 60 min only

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