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Virus 19-11-2011 11:28

Want to use a iPad2 in Belgium

which provider is good if I want to use it in Belgium for a week (4-5 times a year).


kuba.g 21-11-2011 01:02

MEDIONmobile - Startseite

Virus 23-11-2011 22:42

Thx for the link.

There is no info about microsim-cards. The iPad2 need a microsim.

Do you know about ordering the "Aldi Talk Internet-Bundle" ? On the website there is a info about ordering by SMS. But SMS is not possible on the iPad2.

And now ?

Andy ideas ?


dg7feq 24-11-2011 09:45

send them a message over the contact form and ask about micro sim.
MEDIONmobile - Contactformulier

for ordering the internet package stick the SIM in a phone, send the SMS and back into the iPad :)

Virus 24-11-2011 21:34

I used the contact form yesterday and got an answer.

1. buy a starter kit
2. call medion
3. receive a microsim some days later
4. to use internet bundle send a sms

kuba.g 24-11-2011 21:52

Hmm.... otherwise have a microsim for sure!

IcoldMom 05-02-2019 06:36

Want to use a iPad2 in Belgium
i have ipad...and saxo...

it would fit lovely imo. depending on how crafty you want to be.

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