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adam917 26-10-2011 03:44

Topping up UK SIMs in Netherlands
Is this possible, and if so, how easy is it for an English speaker? Is it possible to pay cash or use a US credit card to buy the top-up needed to apply the re-load?

babble 26-10-2011 23:56

UK top ups while abroad
Online, Vodafone UK, T-Mobile UK, O2 UK, Tesco and Asda only accept credit/debit cards issued by UK banks.

However, vodafone UK accounts can be topped up over the phone using vouchers bought in these countries:

* Australia - Vodafone
* Austria - Mobikom
* Croatia - Vip
* Egypt - Vodafone
* France - SFR
* Germany - Vodafone
* Greece - Vodafone
* Hungary - Vodafone
* Ireland - Vodafone
* Italy - Vodafone
* Malta - Vodafone
* Netherlands - Vodafone
* New Zealand - Vodafone

Once you’ve bought a voucher, just dial 2345 and select option 6.

Vodafone - help and tips on using your phone abroad

In Holland, vodafone vouchers can be bought at these locations:

Vodafone - Top up voucher -Vodafone - Prepaid - English summary

inquisitor 27-10-2011 02:43

I have successfully recharged a British T-Mobile SIM with my German AmEx card after my MasterCards and Visas were all rejected. I presume AmEx don't - or at least didn't - provide the card holder's country of origin to the processing companies. So if you happen to have an AmEx just try it!

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