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affinite 11-08-2010 18:47

Help with Vodafone greece prepay
Hi all.
Just purchased Greek VF Mobile broadband on demand inc USB stick pack at euro 49.
I cant get the software to install. It says I must have local PC administrator privalages to install -then exits. I do have admin rights and ive even tried "run as administrator."
cant see any help on VF Greece or UK pages
Anyone come across this problem -Id be grateful for some help.
Is it because I dont have latest windows servicepack ? I cant see that as a system requirement
Affinite (Steve)

Effendi 12-08-2010 09:47

Are you using Windows 7? Vista? Is the software working on these operative systems?
Which brand and model is the usb dongle?

affinite 12-08-2010 09:57

Sorry should have given more info
Windows XP service pack 1
Vodafone mobile connect HSPDA USB stick model no K-3565-Z
made by ZTE Corporation ?

schoen 12-08-2010 14:23

Did you have other usb dongle install on our pc? Because I had a install a usb dongle from Nokia and I wanted to install an Italian one and it didn't worked. Neither after reinstalling Nokia dongle. I went do a Vodafone Shop and they told me to reinstall my windows XP sp3.
Greetings schoen

DaveRo 12-08-2010 17:48

Have you tried the software from the website:
Support Guides for the Vodafone Mobile Broadband K3565 USB Stick

I think it's quite possible that only having SP1 is the problem. Where has this machine been all these years ;-)

affinite 12-08-2010 18:24

this laptop has been running below the raydar for a few years
hadnt thought of removing old dongle software I had orange on it - I will try that thanks and davero perhaps I ought to get a legit copy of windows then ...

affinite 14-08-2010 08:41

Orange dongle software was already removed. Anyone any other ideas ?

Evan 17-08-2010 19:31

I'm using the same plan at the moment to connect from my notebook, without any problem with my old modem and not the one provided by Vodafone.

It seems that you've got an XP rather than Vodafone drivers issue. XP SP1 is very old and many devices require at least SP2 in order to work.

Did you try the Support Page of They have the latest version of the software and some other versions. They also have the phone numbers for technical support: - ??????????

Another possible solution is to find the "generic" drivers of the modem (from the manufacturer) and try to see if they can install on XP SP1. Just use as APN: web.session and leave everything else blank.

affinite 29-08-2010 11:41

Thx for the link Evan. Looks like SP2 IS a system requirement so will have to "legitamize"this windows and get SP2 on.

greektourist 10-08-2012 12:51

I do have Vodafone prepay number. I am registered to their online "My account" where I can send 'web to sms'. So what is the price for sent SMS that way thour web to sms service on their site?
Thanks in advance for your reply

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