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saren 09-02-2009 12:09

Hotspotshield, and other Proxy/filter sites not working, alternatives?
Hotspotshield, and other Proxy/filter sites not working, alternatives?


I need to access a few blocked personals sites in Oman, and eventually in the UAE, and Iran. I've been getting through using dontcensorme dot org, and vtunnel dot com, but they seem to be in the process of getting blocked. I also tried the https, instead of http trick, and it only worked with one site. I need an alternative free proxy website that isn't blocked yet? Hopefully two or three would be better.

I have hotspotshield installed on my laptop, but it doesn't seem to work in Oman, neither on Internet explorer or Firefox. What's the situation with Hotspot in the UAE, and especially Iran?

Purchashing VPN's isn't really an option right now due to cost, and especially since my time in the Middle East is going to last 6 months maximum, and most of these VPN services are paid annually.

Anyways, please advise me if you can on what to do to access these blocked sites.


stefandim 10-02-2009 01:16


The following VPN solutions are free for some limited bandwidth per month or so. - 10 GB/month, not working for me, but for you it may work

AnchorFree - 3 GB/month - 6 hours/day, 18 hours/week, 64 kbit/s

You can also try TOR, it is proxy based, but may work for you as well: Tor: anonymity online

I haven't tried the VPNs recently, so they may have stopped working, but it is an idea at least.

saren 10-02-2009 12:48

hey the cyberghost one is working, i think it will last about a month, after which I guess i will reinstall it with another ip.

Effendi 20-09-2017 12:20

Hi, here is an interesting review on Hotspot Shield, maybe it can be useful for someone interested on this subject:

bylo 20-09-2017 14:50

I use TunnelBear: Secure VPN Service. Very easy to set up and use. Free for up to 500MB/month should be enough for most cellphone users.

See e.g. TunnelBear Review and TunnelBear VPN Review

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