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lizzie1955 22-06-2015 15:57

SIM Card for Calls and Data
I'll be in Paris for about a week. Any suggestions on a SIM card would be welcome. I'll need it for data, international calls and local calls. I have an unlocked Samsung Mega (US version).


tamla 22-06-2015 20:22

Hi I would suggest the Bouygues XL prepaid card might suit u if it is mainly for local calls and data in France. If you plan to make lots of US calls I suspect a lycamobile sim may be a better option

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Tomiochen 24-06-2015 18:01

As far as I know , lycamobile and lebara offer the best price for international calling.

I'm hereby using lebara, their calling rates are so surprising. Their "all in one" package gives you calling minutes, SMS and data. For the minutes, international callings are also surprisingly included.

PhotoJim 24-06-2015 18:58

Lebara seems to be the best. On my recent trip I used Toggle Mobile because the same SIM worked very well in the UK. Data was more expensive on Toggle (in France) but it was cheap enough for my purposes.

lizzie1955 25-06-2015 18:18

Thanks. I was leaning toward Lebara, just wanted to be sure...

lizzie1955 30-06-2015 13:17

Does anyone know how I could geta a Lebara France top up before leaving the US. I can get the SIM on eBay but would like to have enough to set up a data plan before I leave.

dg7feq 30-06-2015 16:50

did you try on
You need the SIM in your hand and activated though.

lizzie1955 02-07-2015 18:54

I've ordered a Sim on eBay. I was under the impression that I would need a French credit card or bank account in order to top up on Lebara.Fr.

tamla 02-07-2015 19:02

Try this link or or found them on the prepaid data sim wiki

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lizzie1955 02-07-2015 21:14

I tried the 2nd link and it worked -- said my Sim card is on the way! I wonder if they will let me top up before I leave?

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