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woody1 20-03-2016 22:10

B&You Prepaid data plan
I'm going to be in France in May for 25 days and I plan to use my existing B&You prepaid card. I'll need about 2Gb of data and will probably make very few telephone calls. The offers are a little confusing. I'm trying to figure out how to subscribe to an offer that will get me close to what I want without an ongoing commitment. Which type of offer would be the best for me to use?

willemijns 31-03-2016 14:59

hello, for me use LYCAMOBILE, it is a low-cost MVNO on Bouygues Télécom MNO

Plan B can be lebara mobile....

Dunno if free mobile permit to accept now foreign suscribers....

woody1 01-04-2016 14:07

So, you think I should use Lycamobile or lebara instead of B&You? I already have a B&You/Simyo card with credit on it.

willemijns 01-04-2016 14:19

yes. your B&YOU card was only bought for small data/sms/calls use
you want more DATA....

0.05*2000=100€ for your 2GB need so this card is not for your need ;)

keep your B&YOU card for calling and use a dualSIM........................

woody1 02-04-2016 14:46

So, I guess it's not possible to use Carte XL plans with the B&You card? I wonder if they'd let me trade the B&You SIM for the Carte XL.

willemijns 02-04-2016 18:50

1) Carte XL is a different product of your actual card.
2) 500 Mo is the max. ok if you buy 3 cards of 10 days = 1,5GB

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