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clueless 12-04-2013 20:00

How do I buy a pre-paid phone( with card) in Florence
Help!!! I am completely clueless about mobile phones, but need to have one in Italy ( Florence) for 2 weeks. What is the best way of buying a phone ( no data required) for our time in Italy? Can I just buy a pre-paid simple "phone" at one of the big 3 suppliers? So far, this site has been very helpful...I have gone from no knowledge to at least some......:)

sperial 13-04-2013 11:55

You need a SIM free (=unlocked) phone supporting the European bands - GSM 900/1800. For certain netoworks (e.g. "Three") you will need a 3G phone supporting the 2100 band.
Canadian networks use different frequency bands, and AFAIK Canadian mobile carriers sell SIM locked phones, which will not accept a "foreign" SIM card. On the other hand, any Italian shop will be happy to sell you a SIM free phone.

clueless 13-04-2013 15:00

Thanks....very reassuring: amazing how difficult it is to actually find simple info from the sellers' website

any more info on price, best phones ( cheap), carrier, all appreciated

gkeeper 13-04-2013 15:47

if you just want something cheap and cheerful for calls and SMS back to Canada, piranha mobile do a basic handset and Sim with 5.00 credit for 24.00. Looks like its free shipping to Canada, Piranha Mobile. There are many roaming sim companies but i cannot see any that do an all in one solution. I cannot be 100% sure on this, you will have to research:>).

clueless 13-04-2013 16:40

thanks for that...will investigate.....we actually just need it within Italy

rfranzq 13-04-2013 21:20

I would second the motion of getting the Piranha phone/SIM. Price: $36.85 US$
You would have it before your trip so no hassle when it Italy. [=peace of mind and more time]. It is a flashlight also! It is a dualband phone so you will not be able to test it in Canada. But getting it before you leave will save a lot of potential grief.

Effendi 15-04-2013 08:40

You can get the Nokia 100 for about 30€ including 5€ of prepaid airtime at Wind store in Italy. And probably also at TIM and Vodafone, if you prefer. It's really cheap.

Punk808 27-05-2013 11:23

In many stores they have many basic cell phones, for like 30-40 euros in italy, and same as in canada we have Wind here in italy

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