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Fossie 25-05-2008 13:08

I am going to Argentina this summer and am looking for an Argentinian prepaid SIM, mainly for domestic calls within the coutry and international SMS. Does anybody have any experiences or suggestions? What about the registration of the SIM as a foreigner? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

isabelle 1 17-09-2008 06:58

A Argentina Prepaid SIM Card, together with a tri-band unlocked GSM cell phone, will allow you not only to have a local cell phone number in the Argentina but also to pay local rates - and without a contract. The rates are extremely advantageous and even include unlimited FREE incoming calls from anywhere in the world (when in Buenos Aires). For your next trip to the Argentina, make sure to purchase a prepaid SIM card.

Detailed Features

* An Argentina pre-paid SIM card and cell phone number-you'll have the number before you depart
* Complete with initial airtime voucher worth $20 pesos (about $7 USD)
* Unlimited FREE incoming calls from anywhere (when in the Buenos Aires area)
* Domestic rates as low as $0.09 per minute
* Calls back to the US and Canada as little as $0.51 per minute.
* Add more call credits as needed by purchasing easily-obtainable recharge voucher cards in various denominations
* Voicemail, Caller ID, call-waiting
* No yearly contract, monthly charges, daily minimum charges, minimum minutes per call charges or credit checks

Preparing Your Phone for use overseas:

[post shortened, as we can probably manage without advice about taking a charger, putting SIM in phone, and switching on ...]

andy 17-09-2008 17:23

isabelle, apart from a cut and paste of somewhere else (where the SIMs are out of stock anyway), do you have anything useful to say, or was this just intended as spam for your signature link?

I'll leave this for now, to bump the thread in case of decent replies, but let's say it might be under review

ari3l 19-06-2009 03:36

hi, i am from Argentina, and i can tell you people, that argentinian SIMs are not very expensive, but the tariffs are super expensive..
you can ask what u want guys..
for activation stuff, u can buy sims already activated to a John

littleyip 28-06-2009 06:25

I'm going to Argentina in September for 5 weeks. Is it really possible to get a prepaid card with free incoming calls from anywhere in the world? That would be really ideal.

ari3l 28-06-2009 14:48


Originally Posted by littleyip (Post 28055)
I'm going to Argentina in September for 5 weeks. Is it really possible to get a prepaid card with free incoming calls from anywhere in the world? That would be really ideal.

it depends from where u receive the call, your best choices are movistar or personal, but dont buy Claro!
Claro charge u for absolutely every call received, not just international!

littleyip 28-06-2009 17:01

I will be receiving calls from the USA. Does that make a difference? Any tips on where to get a good prepaid card when I arrive in Buenos Aires? And will the cards you recommended work in the Northwest (Salta area)? Thanks!

ari3l 29-06-2009 16:46

yes, any prepaid will work for sure in Salta
i receive calls in my Personal from Venezuela and in my Movistar too, and they never cost me a penny, but i repeat, dont buy Claro..
And u can buy a SIM-card in the street, will work, but will not be registered to ur name, they r already registered to a name of a John Doe! lol

littleyip 23-07-2009 18:20

Hi ari3l,
I think I will probably get a movistar. My friend in BA recommended them too. Do you know how much a SIM card will cost and how much credit they come with? Why do people by "trucho" SIM cards?

Also, I read somewhere that movistar will use up minutes when you receive incoming international calls. Is that true?


ari3l 24-07-2009 20:53

a movistar SIM will cost you maybe $10 and comes with 0 inside, and i can not guarantee u that movistar doesnt charge for incoming calls, but personal dont charge for incoming calls, sure!

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