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squawk1200 16-06-2014 03:46

Bermuda SIM
Hi, have an opportunity to go back to Bermuda and am looking at local SIM options. Would like to investigate getting a local SIM but would like to get the SIM before I travel, if possible... Anyone have any experience with the folks at this web site:

To me it looks to good to be true...

Anyone know what the process is for a non resident to get a SIM card while in Bermuda? Is it as simple of just purchasing the SIM or is other documentation required?

Stu 20-06-2014 05:45

I bought two SIMs from them. They deliver as promised, but there is n unlimited calls for $1 day. That is assuming you are using tricks covered elsewhere on this forum.

squawk1200 22-06-2014 04:26

I'm assuming that the prices quoted are for using SIP. Is it a Digicell SIM or something else? Not really interested in another re-branded international SIM...

Stu 06-07-2014 02:51

They are local SIMs. It comes with translated manual and is not a bad package. You pay more than local prices but it is helpful when you are helping someone who is inexperienced or needs to hit the ground running.

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