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Bossman 17-12-2013 14:11

07 Mobile (formerly easyroam) closing 12-31-2003
Not sure if this has been posted already. They used to be called easyroam. I have an old sim from them that still registered as of last month. According to the Geosim website, the credit on the current sim can not be transferred, and they charge 3 pounds for shipping. Not that I plan on requesting a replacement sim. My use/need of these international sim has really diminished over the last couple of years.

Sorry, We no longer except top-up's for any sim cards.

On December 31, 2013. The 07mobile website will close down.

We appreciate you as a valued customer but due to the financial climate and with less people travelling overseas, it has not viable to keep the business trading.

GeoSIM are offering free replacement SIMs -

Bossman 18-12-2013 11:25

Obviously, I goofed up the date in the subject. Should be 2013.

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