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Orthopod 11-03-2011 16:44

Data in Italy
Thanks Effendi for your knowledge.
I am from Canada and will go to Italy for 25 days in July ( with wife and two teenagers). I will buy a MiFi 2352 (Hotspot router) prior to departure. Then my wife and kids will be able to log to it and use if as a Wi-Fi to access internet. We will have 2 iPhones, 2 iPods, iPad and 1PC or MacBook Pro.
So the drainage of Data will be constant. I won't really use any voice plan only data plan for the MiFi. Which one of those Provider would be best for me. I hesitate between Vodafone and Wind or Tim. I will be mainly 1 week in Rome, 1 week in Firenze and 1 week in Sorrento for the Amalfi Coast.


Effendi 12-03-2011 14:07

Any will do, but you have to check coverage. TIM usually has the best one, but unfortunately it has quite bad data plans. You can go with COOP Voce data plans, which use TIM's network.

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