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jpsnet 01-02-2007 15:23

SPAIN: recommendation for cheapest Data Card/tarif
I am traveling to Spain regular and where I could rely on using unsecured Wifis in the past, they are now all secured. I have a Telefonics Movistar PAYG card but the data tarif on it is very expensive, are there any cheaper options available? I guess I'm aprox 1 week a month in Spain and want to use e-mail and browsing using my Nokia E61 and also conect this to the laptop. Technically there is no problem, I tried it, it's the cost that stops me from using it often.

Any suggestions?

AndreA 01-02-2007 18:47

Officially it's only for wap, but i think that you can do more...

Navegar en España.
Hasta 1MB pagas 0,0012 €/Kb + IVA a partir de 1MB un precio máximo al día de 1,20 € + IVA.

jpsnet 01-02-2007 23:04

Thanks for the recommendation, just applied to convert my movistar payg card to Yoigo to get the lovely data tarif.

jpsnet 11-02-2007 22:59

Stopped the migration to Yoigo,

2 Reasons:

1) Would have lst my current credit on the movistar card

2) their coverage map shows only 64Kbps available in the area I am most likely to use the card

Any other suggestions please?

petkow 11-02-2007 23:33


I am traveling to Spain regular and where I could rely on using unsecured Wifis in the past, they are now all secured.
Have you tried Fon?

On my travels around spain I often was able to pick up a secured Fon signal. As long as you are prepared to share some of your broadband bandwidth somewhere in the world, you can surf for free on your travels. In an attempt to widen their coverage they are giving away free "Fonera" wireless routers to UK, US and Canadian users at the moment. Stocks are limited though: They even pay for the postage so you have nothing to lose! :-)

jpsnet 15-02-2007 16:36

Thanks petkow, I have Fon router at home so have ID and password to use it for free, sadly the place I want to use it in Spain is about 15 minutes walk from the nearest 'fonero' so I need a solution to work from there on the web and that requieres easy web access.

Might still go for yoigo as 64k for €1.20 per day and a €6 monthly minimum spent doesn't amount to an awful lot but would like to know if there are any better solutions, faster mainly at the same price.

Would prefer a card that doesn't need a monthly minimum as we are planning to be there every 6-8 weeks.

So any data suggestions are most welcome

btw, are PCMCIA datacards ties to the issuing network(like PAYG phones) or can I use a UK Vodafone datacard with a movistar simcard?

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