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squawk1200 19-07-2015 16:06

Mobal - Global Unlimited SIM
We'll, it looks like Mobal was the first to bring T- Mobile's international roaming plan to those of us that are not T-Mobile customers.... Anyone dive in yet? I am sure tempted...

bylo 19-07-2015 16:42

From UNLIMITED Global Roaming Data and Texts One Month, Only $50!!

1. "Data speeds are limited to 128 kilobits per second in most countries." That's glacially slow by today's standards. It means for example that you can't use VoIP to make calls in order to avoid Mobal's 30/minute or to be able to use a VoIP phone number you already have in order to make your trip seamless to those who want to call you.

2. "Standard Shipping (2-3 business days) FREE
For shipping to Hawaii & Alaska $30
For shipping to Canada $30"

So if you're not in the continental 48 states, add $30 to the initial cost and maybe more if you're overseas.

And this assumes you consider $50/month reasonable. Maybe if you travel to a lot of countries, but otherwise a small number of country-specific SIMs will be cheaper.

rfranzq 20-07-2015 03:32


Originally Posted by bylo (Post 48094)
and maybe more if you're overseas.

I don't think they are wanting to sell this plan out of the USA.

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