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svenn 28-06-2018 10:34

Do we need unlimited Data in the future

I think yes definitly.

Because streaming YouTube gets more and more important and i am happy that this luxembourgsim have it


How do you think about this topic?

Amerika also got it

svenn 31-07-2018 09:55

rfranzq 31-07-2018 19:53

Do we need unlimited Data in the future?

We just need enough.

svenn 01-08-2018 08:29

Why do you think no?

We will get 5g in the future.

bourbonkiller 01-08-2018 12:14


Originally Posted by svenn (Post 50323)
Why do you think no?

We will get 5g in the future.

Beause MTX does NOT offer unlimited data and 5g is years away...

And regarding your second "unlimited dream". Knowroaming has the following limitation on their website:

"These data packages are not available when a user is located in their home country (where they have access to the local network of their home mobile network operator) and can only be used while abroad."

"Generally, we place no limitations on accounts drawing less than 250 MB per day. However, we reserve the right to scale access speed for individual accounts down to 2G (128 kbps) speeds once the user’s daily usage significantly exceeds the average on our network or begins to impact the ability of other customers to access data services."

Not quite "unlimited" I guess. Why the hell can't you stop dreaming and accept, there is NO REAL UNLIMITED...

peterdoo 01-08-2018 16:30

@svenn : Who has the time to use unlimited data? There are more important things in the world than a smartphone ;)

If you need 4 SIM cards with unlimited data, maybe you should consider an addiction treatment therapy.

andy 10-08-2018 00:57

WiFi at home, at work, sports or leisure club, in the pub with the music gigs, the supermarket, some other shops

I have 4 SIM cards with 200 MB or 100 MB month each free, and never use the full allowance on even one.

Or if abroad for 3 weeks, with plenty of other people wanting to be on wifi at the same time, I'll get a local SIM with a bit more data. 500 MB was ok last time.

rfranzq 10-08-2018 02:41


Originally Posted by andy (Post 50349)
500 MB was ok last time.

Good to hear real world experiences.

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