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  79. jajah.com
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  96. Truphone
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  99. Raketu
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  116. jaxtr
  117. Purtel.de
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  121. 5 at subscription
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  123. US Short Term Visitors
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  125. FREE account with $10 credit for BETA testers of MyGlobalTalk.com
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  127. Emirates launches in-flight calling
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  134. Tabrio.com
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  136. Future Nine
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  145. gadget for downloading Grib US
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  149. Interesting possibilities with Google Voice.
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  152. Call forwarding whilst roaming
  153. Is there a Forwarding Alternative to VoiceStick
  154. Any "unlimited" service suitable for callback?
  155. Mywebcall.com
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  164. SIP boxes
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  168. Vopium adds Android to its portfolio of applications
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  192. Cut prices / Baisse des prix
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  194. Voicestick/myglobaltalk rumored to be closing shop
  195. Tell me about my Samsung Katalyst t739
  196. Softbank to give away femto cell routers including free ADSL line
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  199. VOIP service suggestion.
  200. Free WiFi now at YYZ (Toronto Pearson) airport
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  202. Forget www.pbxes.com
  203. Poivy/Voipgain No Longer Take Paypal or Credit Cards
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  205. Gizmo5 shutting down in April
  206. MCP GSM maritime service on board of ships and ferries
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  209. Advertising on Calling Cards
  210. DeLorme In Rech
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  213. Truphone SIP
  214. Setting up PBXes to work with Tru & Telna?
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  216. Rogers One Number
  217. Dell Voice free CA phone number free calls smartphone or PC
  218. Vpoip..betamax stopped access to isle of man mobiles.
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  221. Verizon International Data Packs
  222. PIN2DEST provider?
  223. UK virtual number: Yak, Yackie? I forgot.
  224. Voipbuster, JustVoip, Sipdiscount- Can't Login
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  228. MightyText and SMS Forwarding
  229. Does anyone use Bobsled?
  230. Orange AT blocks Betamax, solution??
  231. FriendCaller (VoIP with US number)
  232. iPPi and Asterisks
  233. Build your own Asterisk Server
  234. Where in the World - replace lost number - for SMS verifications only
  235. How to build your own cheap SMS to Email gateway?
  236. List of websites where I can send an SMS RELIABLY and without registation or hassle?
  237. International Call forwarding
  238. G.729 CODEC: Worth extra cost?
  239. Looking for an unlocked Mifi
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  243. Is k7.net dead? Alternatives for verification by voice?
  244. FIshText shutting down