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Recharge ---> $ 9.99 $ 19.99 $ 29.99 $ 39.99 $ 99.99
Minutes included
(price per min)
($ 0.33/min)
($ 0.33/min)
($ 0.25/min)
($ 0.20/min)
($ 0.25/min)
Validity 45 days 90 days 90 days 90 days 365 days

Double minutes

There's a special refill card called Double Minutes at the cost of $ 19.99: it gives 0 minutes and 0 days of service but it gives double minutes for all future cards with the exception of the 800 minute, 365 day card. There are also other more expensive cards which offer 1 year validity. Check Tracfone website for more information.

Additional services and costs
Long distance Calls same rate as local calls
National Roaming Calls double rate as national rates
Messaging SMS are available, rates are unknown
Data calls not available
International calls Available with the Prepaid International offer: click here
International Roaming not available
Debiting method 60/60

TracFone phones

The main bad thing with Tracfone is that you need to buy one of their phones in order to use their service. They are a GSM provider but you cannot use another GSM phone. They have special firmware on the phone that goes hand-in-hand with the SIM card.