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True Move

Voice tariffs

Inter SIM
All calls
Mo-Su 0-24
THB 1.00
€ 0.023

Inter SIM

This offer is a prepaid sim expecially dedicated to travellers, specialized on low cost international calls: - THB 1.00/min (€ 0.023) using 00600 prefix, plus the international prefix;
(valid for calls to: USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, UK, Germany, France, Australia).
- THB 3.00/min (€ 0.07) to many international destinations using 006 IDD service.
- THB 10 top-up = 1 year validity.

Starting packages

There are 2 starting packages you can choose between:
- InterSIM starter: THB 49 including 100 MB data, THB 20 of credit;
- InterSIM value: THB 299 including 1GB of data (up to 42 mbps, afterwards 128 kbps), THB 100 of credit.

There's plenty of other prepaid offers, but they change every time, with plenty of promotions and options, so it's impossible to list them all and keep this page updated. We decided to list only the Inter SIM which is particularly interested for visitors to Thailand. New promos can be checked and booked on the website or by calling 9300.

Additional Services and Costs
Messaging National SMS: THB 3.00/€ 0.07
International SMS: THB 5.00/€ 0.12
Voice Mail same as voice calls
International Roaming not available
Billing National Calls: 1/1
International Calls: see above
Refills/credit/validity THB 50/50, 3 days
THB 90/90, 7 days
THB 300/300, 30 days
THB 500/500, 50 days
THB 1000/1000, 150 days

Data offers

Data packages
Price 2G (GPRS/EDGE) WiFi 3G/LTE Activation code
Daily packages (start at first usage, can not be stopped)
THB 30 (€ 0.74) 2h 2h 1h DH
THB 39 (€ 0.96) 24h - - D1
THB 49 (€ 1.20) 24h 3h - D2
Time packages (start at first usage, can be stopped by logging out)
THB 99 (€ 2.43) 20h 20h 5h T1
THB 199 (€ 4.89) 50h 20h 10h T2
THB 349 (€ 8.57) 100h 100h 15h T3
Volume based daily packages (valid 24 hours)
THB 20 (€ 0.49) 20MB - 20MB DM
Monthly packages, valid 30 days
THB 50 (€ 0.49) 50MB - 50MB M1
THB 129 (€ 0.49) 100MB 5h 100MB V1
THB 399 (€ 0.49) 500MB 10h 500MB V2
THB 699 (€ 0.49) 1GB unlimited 1GB V3

To activate send the code to 9789 by SMS (free of charge).

True WiFi

Within Bangkok area there is nearly 100% coverage with true-wifi hotspots. If you own a truemove SIM-card you can send an SMS writing 'wifi29' to the service number 9434 (free of charge). You will get a SMS with login and password for the true-wifi hotspots. When you login with this data THB 29 (€ 0.68) will be deducted from your balance, which gives you 24 hours unlimited 1 MBit connection on all true-Wifi hotspots. If you login after more than 24 hours another THB 29 baht is deducted.
This is the cheapest way to get broadband internet connection while in Thailand.