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Voice tariffs

i-Kool 3G Data Sim
Calls to i-Kool
Mo-Su 0-24
Other calls
Mo-Su 0-24
National SMS
Mo-Su 0-24
Mo-Su 0-24
THB 1.00
€ 0.025
THB 2.00
€ 0.05
THB 1.00
€ 0.025
THB 1.00
€ 0.025/MB

iKool has very good 3G coverage on 2100 MHz in and around Bangkok. Please make network search before purchasing a 3G SIM!

i-Kool 3G Data Sim

This offer costs THB 499 (€ 12.49) and gives you also 5GB of data valid for 30 days from activation. The data rate stated above applies only if you use more than 5GB/month.

i-kool 3g 1000MB SIM

Opposite to the other tariff, this is a data-only sim card. You get 1GB of data for THB 99 (€ 2.48) and it's valid for 10 days only. Exceeding traffic costs THB 0.5/MB (€ 0.0125/MB).
You can then refill with one of the following data vouchers:
250 MB, valid for 30 days: BHT 100 (€ 2.50)
1.5 GB, valid for 30 days: BHT 300 (€ 5.00)
5 GB, valid for 30 days: BHT 500 (€ 12.51)

Additional Services and Costs
Messaging International SMS: ???
Data Calls see above
Voice Mail same as voice calls
International Calls Different charges apply, see here
You can choose the provider for international calls before each call in thailand. The rates change from time to time. But as a general rule 008 and 009 (both routed with Voice over IP but perfect sound) are the cheapest numbers to call abroad.
You need to dial 008+country-code+area+number;
e.g. German cellphone 0172-1234567 would be 008-49-172-1234567
Calls are charged 60/6 for 001 and 60/30 for all other prefixes.
International Roaming ???
Billing ???
Refills/credit/validity BHT 50/100/300, each valid 30 days