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Voice tariffs

Kababayan Card - Hi!Card
All calls
Mo-Fr 8-20
All calls
Mo-Fr 20-8, Sa-Su 0-24
SGD 0.16
€ 0.08
SGD 0.08
€ 0.04

2 different tariffs

With Singtel you can choose among 2 different tariffs: Kababayan Card, and Hi!card. Both have the same local rates, but have some differences for international calls.

Free Incoming Calls

You can enjoy free incoming calls on both plans; but you have to pay a daily fee of SG$ 0.60, also if you don't receive any call.
To activate the free incoming calls option just dial *1300 on your phone: you will receive an SMS confirming the activation of the service and the first SG$ 0.59 will be deducted from your credit. To deactivate the free incoming calls option dial *1301: you will receive a confirmation by SMS and SG$ 1.50 will be deducted from your credit.

Free Sunday Calls

From 5 June 2005, all existing and new SingTel Prepaid Mobile customers will enjoy Free first 3 minutes of outgoing calls every Sunday, for calls to SingTel Prepaid, SingTel Postpaid and SingTel Fixed lines. There is no limit in the number of free calls. If the call is longer than 3 minutes, you will pay the normal fee from the 4th minute. Free calls are valid only for outgoing calls.

Additional services and costs
Messaging Local SMS: SG$ 0.05 - € 0.025
Global SMS: SG$ 0.15 - € 0.075
MMS available only for Hi!Card users, for rates see here
Voicemail Available only with monthly subscription
Data Calls ???
International Calls Different charges and ways to make international calls, click here (in English)
International Roaming USSD prepaid roaming available for Hi!Card, click here (in English)
Debiting method 60/6
Top ups /Credit/Validity SG$ 15.00/15.00
SG$ 25.00/25.00
SG$ 50.00/50.00