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Voice tariffs

All prices include 18% VAT and 10% mobile tax

Set-up fee
for all calls
All calls
Mo-Su 0-24
RSD 6.90
€ 0.07
RSD 8.90
€ 0.08

Option Double recharge

Every recharge of 200 RSD or more will be doubled. You can use the bonus for calls, SMS and MMS towards all national networks, as well as for data transfer. You can also talk to your couple for only 1 RSD. All you need to do is top up your account with the amount of 200 RSD or more, at least once a week. The bonus is valid for 7 days within the national traffic, without added value services. The price of 1RSD/min is valid for talks between two numbers within national traffic with a top up of 200 RSD or more every 7 days.

Option Free On net

By recharging your account with 200 RSD or more, a bonus credit for calls, SMS and MMS of 1000 RSD will apply 7 days after the day of recharging and will not accumulate. Bonus credit can be used for SMS and MMS only for 060/061 numbers. The bonus credit may not be used for roaming, GPRS, international messages and added value services.
The price of call set up fee for each initiated call is 6.9 RSD,SMS is 3,9 din and 11.8 RSD for MMS. If upon the expiry of the promotional price you recharge your credit with an amount less than 200 din, calls will be charged at the standard price of 7.9 RSD per minute. Prices are excluding tax. The promotional price does not apply to international calls, roaming and value added services.

Option Free SMS

Get up to 1500 free SMSes that are valid for 7 days after recharging your credit with 250RSD or more. Free SMSes cannot be accumulated, cannot be used while roaming or with international networks, and cannot be used for value added services.

Additional services and costs
Messaging National SMS: RSD 3.90 - € 0.04
International SMS: RSD 11.80 - € 0.11
MMS: RSD 11.80 - € 0.11
Voice mail free of charge
Data Calls RSD 0.06/KB - € 0.0006/KB (€ 0.61/MB)
International roaming Available, click here (in English)
Refills, Credit RSD 200/200
RSD 500/500
RSD 1000/1000
To check credit: *123#, to recharge: *123*13 digits#
Debiting method 60/60

VIP Prepaid Internet

You can buy a startup kit at RSD 2490 (€ 23.70) including a usb modem and unlimited surfing for 2 months. After you have finished the first 2 free months you can refill with any prepaid top-up card geting these rates:
- < RSD 200 refill: RSD 5.00/MB - € 0.05/MB;
- RSD 200 refill or more: RSD 1.00/MB - € 0.01/MB.

International Calls
Zone 1a RSD 17.70 - € 0.27
Zone 1b RSD 23.60 - € 0.22
Zone 2 RSD 35.40 - € 0.34
Zone 3 RSD 47.20 - € 0.45
Zone 4 RSD 53.10 - € 0.51
Rest of the World RSD 106.20 - € 1.01
Set-up fee same as national calls

World Zones

Zone 1a: T-Mobile (Montenegro), BH Telecom (Bosnia & Herzegovina), mobilkom austria group operators: A1 (Austria), M-Tel (Bulgaria), Vip (Croatia), FL1 (Liechtenstein), Si.mobil (Slovenia), Vip (Macedonia), Velcom (Belarus)
Zone 1b: Montenegro (except T-Mobile network)
Zone 2: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia (except Si.Mobil).
Zone 3: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, USA.
Zone 4: Andorra, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldavia, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Vatican City.