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Poste Mobile

Voice tariffs

6 x Tutti
Set-up fee
Mo-Su 0-24
National calls
Mo-Su 0-24
National SMS
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.16 € 0.06 € 0.06
Unica New
Set-up fee
Mo-Su 0-24
National calls
Mo-Su 0-24
National SMS
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.00 € 0.18 € 0.18

6 x Tutti

This tariff can be bought online only and with number portability from another Italian number.

Additional Services and Costs
Messaging International SMS: € 0.3025
National MMS: € 0.50
International MMS: € 0.5041
Data Calls € 0.5041/MB
Voice Mail € 0.16 per call
International Calls Voice calls:
Europe, USA (incl. Caribbean islands with 001 prefix), Canada, Kazakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan: € 0.7058/min
Rest of the World: € 3.02/min
International roaming see here.
In Viaggio Europa: monthly fee € 3.00, you can call/receive at € 0.10/min plus € 0.50 setup fee for outgoing calls; valid in EU only.
In Viaggio Extra Europa: monthly fee € 6.00, you can call/receive at € 0.10/min plus € 1.50 setup fee for outgoing calls; valid in the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, USA.
Billing National & international calls: 30/30
International Roaming: 60/30
Refills/credit € 10.00/10.00
€ 15.00/15.00
€ 20.00/20.00
€ 50.00/50.00
Validity period 11 months from activation/last recharge, plus 1 month for receiving/refilling

Con te New

With a monthly fee of € 2.00 you get unlimited minutes and SMS to 1 selected Poste Mobile number.

Con noi

With a monthly fee of € 4.00 you get unlimited minutes and SMS to all Poste Mobile numbers.

To activate any of the options listed above call 401212.

Il tuo Mondo New

With this free option you can choose 1 foreign country to call and text at a special rate. The first minute is always billed at € 0.25, then the special rate starts (30 seconds billing).

Il tuo Mondo New
€ 0.05/min LANDLINE: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Ecuador, Hungary, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine.
LANDLINE+MOBILE: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan.
€ 0.10/min LANDLINE: Serbia, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro.
MOBILE: Albania, Czech. Rep., Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine.
LANDLINE+MOBILE: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Burkina Faso, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Venezuela
€ 0.15/min LANDLINE: Tunisia.
MOBILE: Croatia, Ecuador, Turkey.
LANDLINE+MOBILE: Algeria, Belarus, China, Kenya, Lybia, Moldova, New Guinea, Philippines, Slovakia, Somalia, Tanzania.
€ 0.20/min MOBILE: Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia.
LANDLINE+MOBILE: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal.
€ 0.25/min MOBILE: Bulgaria, Macedonia (FYROM), Morocco, Tunisia.

Mobile Internet

Here are listed Poste Mobile data offers for surfing with your phone (no tethering):
- Mobile 1Giga New: 1GB/month for € 7.50/month. Activation: write ON GIGA to 4071160.
- Mobile 3Giga: 3GB/month for € 16.00/month. Activation: write SI 3GB to 4071160; promotionally at € 9.90 for 10 years if you activate it before September 12th 2015..
If you use more than your bundle you will pay € 0.5041/MB.


You can buy Poste Mobile at any post office in Italy where you see the Poste Mobile logo. You need the usual documents as per any Italian prepaid sim-card.