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Voice tariffs

All Calls
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.1017


It's probably the best basic tariff in Italy: per second billing, no set-up fee and just 10 cent/min, but it has an activation fee of € 5.00.

Additional Services and Costs
Video Calls Calls to 3: € 0.1830/min, no set-up fee
Other national calls: € 1.01/min + € 0.1627 set-up fee
Messaging National SMS: € 0.1017
International SMS: € 0.3025
MMS <150KB: € 0.5592
MMS >150KB: € 1.12
Data Calls Internet (on 3 network): € 0.2033/10MB
Internet GPRS (on TIM network): € 0.61/MB (1KB increments)
App&Store: € 0.09/page
Email from App&Store (max 6kB): € 0.1525
Voice Mail same as voice calls
Billing National Calls: 1/1
International Calls: 1/1
International roaming EU, outgoing: 30/1
International roaming EU, incoming: 1/1
International roaming, other countries: 60/60
Refills/credit € 10.00/10.00
€ 20.00/20.00
€ 30.00/30.00
€ 60.00/60.00
Validity period should be 12 months, but usually 3 simcards never expire and there's no way to check your credit

All In bundles

There are 4 bundles including minutes, SMS and data:
- All In 200: € 9.00/month including 200 mins, 200 SMS and 2GB of data;
- All In 400: € 10.00/month including 400 mins, 400 SMS and 2GB of data;
- All In 800: € 14.00/month including 800 mins, 800 SMS and 2GB of data;
- All In One: € 30.00/month including unlimited mins, SMS and 2GB of data.

Super SMS

With a monthly fee of € 7.00 you can send up to 100 SMS to any mobile number in Italy plus 400 more SMS to other 3 ITA numbers. To activate the option call 4040 and select 2.


With a monthly fee of € 5.00 you get 10 hours of voice calls, 10 hours of videocalls, 600 SMS and 600 MMS every day to one chosen number on the 3 ITA network. To activate the option call 4040. The first month is free of charge.

Gente di 3

There are 2 options called Gente di 3 which offer free minutes and texts to call other numbers on the 3 Network;
- Gente di 3 Month: € 5.00/month, 900 mins/month of calls/videocalls, 900 SMS/MMS per month;
- Gente di 3 Week: € 3.00/week, 420 mins/week (max 60/day) of calls/videocalls, 420 SMS/MMS per week (max 60/day);
If you use more than the free minutes/texts, you get discounted rates as follows:
- calls to 3: € 0.0908/min (no setup fee);
- video calls to 3: € 0.1916/min (no setup fee);
- national SMS: € 0.1008 per message.
The first month is free of charge.

Prepaid Data Sim-cards

There are 2 prepaid data sim-card tariffs called Super Web and Super Web Time.
These are specific sim-cards for data, not options to add to your voice sim-card, althought you can also make/receive calls with them, but at higher cost than with Power10.

Super Web New Super Web Time
On net data € 0.5041/100 MB € 0.9074/hour
National roaming data € 0.605/MB
National SMS € 0.1512 € 0.1512
Billing increments (data) 100 MB 15 minutes

On SuperWeb New you can activate the Super Internet 3GB option: for € 5.00/month you get 3GB of data.

On SuperWeb Time you can activate one of the following 3 options:

Super Super Web.week Super Web.100
Fee € 1.00/day € 3.00/week € 15.00/month
Data included 4 hours 15 hours 100 hours
Extra bundle cost € 0.9075/hour € 0.9075/hour € 0.9075/hour
National roaming cost € 1.01/MB +€ 0.1513 set-up fee
Billing increments per second per second per second
Validity 1 day (not recurring) 7 days (recurring automatically) 30 days (recurring automatically)

To activate the options just surf to and choose the one you prefer.

Prepaid Data Bundles

There is just 1 prepaid data bundles which can be added to any prepaid card from 3 ITA.

Super Internet
Fee € 5.00/month
Data included 100 MB/day
Extra bundle cost depending on your plan
National roaming cost € 1.01/MB +€ 0.1513 set-up fee
Billing increments 1 KB
Activation free call to 4040 and select 2
De-Activation free call to 4077
Validity 30 days (recurring automatically)

All options work like in Italy while roaming on foreign networks of the 3 Group with the "3 like home" option (see below).
Super Internet option can be used directly on the mobile phone/smartphone/iPhone/iPad only. You cannot use it on usb modems, laptops or tethering.

Data Settings

- APN:, username 'guest', password 'guest';
- Known limitations: no tethering on SuperInternet and always better to avoid the national roaming on TIM, since it's always out of bundle.

Self Service website

Follow these instructions to activate your self service account on 3 website:
1) Go HERE;
2) Write your mobile number (Prefisso: first three numbers - Numero: the other 7 numbers); click on "conferma";
3) You will receive a password by SMS;
4) Go HERE (Info costi);
5) Enter the password you received by SMS in the field "inserisci password";
6) Write your new password in the field "Nuova password" and confirm it clicking on "Conferma password"; Important: your password must have letters and numbers;
7) You can enter a password-recovery question (domanda) and answer (risposta) if you loose your password, then click on "conferma".

International rates

International Voice Calls
for all calls
Zone 1
Mo-Su 0-24
Zone 2
Mo-Su 0-24
Zone 3
Mo-Su 0-24
Zone 4
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.1627 € 0.2542 € 0.5083 € 2.03 € 3.05
International Video Calls
for all calls
Zone 1
Mo-Su 0-24
Zone 2
Mo-Su 0-24
Zone 3
Mo-Su 0-24
Zone 4
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.1627 € 1.27 € 1.26 € 5.58 € 5.58

International Calls Zones

Zona 1: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.
Zona 2: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Rep., Faer-Oer, Greenland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia (FYROM), Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Romania, Russia, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine.
Zona 3: Australia, Bangladesh, China, Congo, Dominican Rep., Egypt, Georgia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Marshall Is., Kazakhstan, India, Malawi, Morocco, Mauritius, Micronesia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Philippines, Seychelles, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan, Thailandia, Tunisia, Yemen.
Zone 4: rest of the World

International 3

It's an option to call some international countries with a monthly forfait of € 15.00 including unlimited calls (no set-up fee).
You can call mobile and landline numbers of: Canada, China (excl. Taiwan and incl. Hong Kong), Singapore, USA;
You can call landline numbers of: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK.
The option will be renovated automatically every month unless deactivated.

International Roaming

International Roaming
  Zone EU Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D
Zone EU € 0.2318 € 0.9658 € 2.03 € 3.05 € 6.10
Zone A € 0.9579 € 0.9579 € 2.03 € 2.03 € 6.10
Zone B € 2.03 € 2.03 € 2.03 € 3.05 € 6.10
Zone C € 3.05 € 3.05 € 3.05 € 3.05 € 6.10
Zone D € 6.10 € 6.10 € 6.10 € 6.10 € 6.10
Video Calls € 2.42 € 2.42 € 2.42 € 2.42 € 2.42
Incoming Calls € 0.061/min € 0.9658/min € 2.03/min € 3.05/min € 6.10/min
Incoming Video Calls € 1.25/min € 1.25/min € 1.25/min € 5.50/min € 5.50/min
Messaging SMS: € 0.0732
MMS: € 0.244/MB (max 100KB)
SMS: € 0.305
MMS: € 1.00/MB (max 100KB)
SMS: € 0.6050
MMS: € 4.07/MB (max 100KB)
SMS: € 0.61
MMS: € 19.32/MB (max 100KB)
SMS: € 0.915
MMS: € 29.48/MB (max 100KB)
Data Calls (GPRS/UMTS) € 0.244/MB € 1.00/MB € 4.07/MB € 19.32/MB € 29.48/MB

For all incoming calls and videocalls outside the EU there's a setup fee identical to the one you pay for national calls.
This means that on 3Power10 you won't have any setup fee at all, but on 3Autoricarica it should be € 0.1613 per call.

International Roaming Zones

Zone EU: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, France (including Guadalupe, Guyana, Martinica, La Reunion), Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.
Zona 1: Canada, USA.
Zona 2: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Faer-Oer, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.
Zona 3: Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Congo Dem.Rep., Dominican Republic, Georgia, Ghana, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Marshall Islands, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Micronesia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Philippines, Seychelles, Singapore, Syria, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela, Yemen.
Zone 4: Rest of the World.

All'estero come a casa (3 like home)

Also 3 Italy follows its "sisters" with the offer 'All'estero come a casa' which is the Italian translation of "3 like home".
This offer is preactivated on all prepaid cards and offers almost the same rates you enjoy in Italy also while roaming on other 3 networks in Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Sweden.
The rates are the following:
- Outgoing calls: € 0.5083 set-up fee, plus your normal national rate;
- Incoming calls: € 0.5083 per call;
- SMS to Italy: € 0.1008
- International SMS: € 0.3025;
- MMS and data: same as in Italy (including options) plus € 0.1008 per session.

Internet Pass

With this option you pay € 5.00 and you get 100MB of data to be used for the activation day plus the following 3 days.
It's only available on selected countries and operators. For more information see here.

National Roaming

3 ITA has a national roaming agreement with TIM. All 3 ITA customers can roam on TIM GSM network everywhere in Italy, making voice calls and using all messaging services thanks to GPRS roaming for data. The price for voice calls and messaging are the same as on 3 ITA W-CDMA net, while data calls have a surcharge (see above) while roaming on TIM. Video calls are not available on national roaming.