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Voice tariffs

All calls
Mo-Su 0-24
ILS 0.39
€ 0.08

Additional costs and services
Messaging National SMS: ILS 0.39 - € 0.08
International SMS: unknown
MMS: unknown
Data Calls ILS 0.50/MB - € 0.10
International calls & roaming roaming is not available, international rates are unknown
Recharge/credit, validity Scrarch cards with values of ILS 35, 50 or 100 (plus ILS 5 recharge fee) give 77, 115 or 244 minutes to any Israeli land or mobile network. The top up is valid for 12 months.
Top ups using an automated call center have unlimited validity. Top ups are ILS 35, 60, 100, 150, 200, 300 (without additional fees) for 90, 154, 256, 385, 517, 770 minutes or SMS.
A third type of recharge are "Bonus" cards: ILS 10 for 20 min/SMS, valid for 2 days, ILS 40 for 90min/SMS valid for 14 days, ILS 70 for 180 min/SMS valis 30 days and ILS 105 for 350min/SMS valis for 30 days.

Useful information

SIM cards can be purchased at all Home Center DIY shops (most in "power centers" at the outskirts of cities, but some in shopping malls).
The call Center/IVR can be reached by dialling *111 from an hMobile line or 055-2233111 from any network. As in all Israeli networks, the sevice is given in Hebrew, English, Arabic or Russian.
Terms uf use are shown here (scroll down for English, Russian and Arabic versions).
HomeCellular numbers use the form 055-22XXXXX