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Voice tariffs

solomo pro
Calls to Solomo
Mo-Su 0-24
Calls to landline
Mo-Su 0-24
All Other Calls
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.03 € 0.06 € 0.09
solomo 0/8/5
Calls to Solomo
Mo-Su 0-24
Other calls
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.05 € 0.08

Advantages only in pro tariff

- You get a VoIP-account together with your SIM-card. It runs with the same number and you can setup that it rings on VoIP when the client is online. So you can use free inbound around the world if you have WiFi. Outbound tariffs on VoIP are good too. Details on their website.
- If you spend more than € 10.00 in one month you get € 2.00 bonus; if you spend more than € 20.00 in one month you get a € 4.00 bonus.

Additional Services and Costs
Messaging solomo Pro:
SMS to solomo Pro: € 0.05
Other national & International SMS: € 0.13
MMS: € 0.35
solomo 0/8/5:
National SMS: € 0.08
International SMS: € 0.25
MMS: € 0.39
Data Calls GPRS: € 0.24/MB (100KB increments)
automatic GPRS setup: click here
Voice Mail free of charge
International calls 08/5 cent: all destinations € 0.99/min
Solomo Pro: see below
International roaming see here (in English)
solomo pro has interesting roaming rates, both for voice and data
Billing National and international calls: 60/60
International roaming: 30/30
Refills/credit € 15.00/15.00, 12+2 months
€ 30.00/30.00, 24+2 months
€ 60.00/60.00, 24+2 months

Voice, text and data options

1 GB-Datenpaket: 1 GB of data per month - € 12.90/month;
Internet-Datenflatrate: unlimited data (after 5GB only GPRS speed) - € 24.90/month;
SMS-Flatrate: unlimited national SMS - € 9.90/month;
Festnetz und Community Komplett-Flat: unlimited calls to Solomo and landline - € 14.90/month;
Auslandspaket EuroPlus 500: 500 minutes to all destinations in zone 1 - € 19.90/month.

International Calls for Solomo Pro
Zone 1 € 0.09
Zone 2 € 0.15
Zone 3 € 0.19
Zone 4 € 0.29
Zone 5 € 0.49
Zone 6 € 0.99

International zones

Zone 1: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Brunei Mobil, Bulgaria, China, China Mobil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Mobil, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Canada, Croatia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Martinique, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Singapore Mobil, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Thailand Mobil, Czech Rep., Turkey, Hungary, USA, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (US), Cyprus.
Zone 2: Albania, Armenia, Aruba, Bahrain, Bahrain Mobil, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Mobil, Barbados, Bermudas, Bermudas Mobil, Botswana, Cayman Iceland, Costa Rica, Costa Rica Mobil, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic Mobil, El Salvador, El Salvador Mobil, French Guyana, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, India, India Mobil, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran Mobil, Jamaica, Jordan Mobil, Cambodia, Cambodia Mobil, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kirgizstan, Kirgizstan Mobil, Colombia, Colombia Mobil, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kuwait Mobil, Laos, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macao, Macao Mobil, Malaysia Mobil, Malta, Macedonia, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands Antilles, Panama Mobil, Paraguay, Paraguay Mobil, Russia Mobil, Samoa (Amerik.), Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Seychelles Mobil, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, South Africa, Sudan, South Korea Mobil, Swaziland, Tajikistan, Tajikistan Mobil, Taiwan Mobil, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan Mobil, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Mobil, Viet Nam, Viet Nam Mobil, Zimbabwe, Cyprus Mobil.
Zone 3: Algeria, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Antigua & Barbuda Mobil, Australia Mobil, Austria Mobil, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bolivia Mobil, Bosnia Herzegowina, Chad, Chile Mobil, Congo, Congo Mobil, Ecuador, Egypt, Egypt Mobil, El Salvador, Finland Mobil, Georgia Mobil, Ghana Mobil, Guatemala, Guatemala Mobil, Hungary Mobil, Iran, Iraq Mobil, Israel, Japan Mobil, Kazakhstan Mobil, Kenya Mobil, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, of Mauritius Mobil, Moldavia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Montserrat Mobil, Netherlands Antilles Mobil, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Nigeria Mobil, the Niger Mobil, Oman, Pakistan, Pakistan Mobil, Philippines, Rwanda, Rwanda Mobil, Saudi Arabia Mobil, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Mobil, St of Kitts & Nevis, Sweden Mobil, Tanzania Mobil, Trinidad & Tobago Mobil, Turkey Mobil, Turks & Caicos, Uganda, Uganda Mobil, Ukraine Mobil, Zambia Mobil.
Zone 4: Afghanistan, Afghanistan Mobil, Algeria Mobil, Angola Mobil, Anguilla Mobil, Argentina Mobil, Armenia Mobil, Aruba Mobil, Azerbaijan Mobil, Ethiopia, Ethiopia Mobil, Barbados Mobil, Belgium Mobil, Belize, Belize Mobil, Benin, Benin Mobil, Bhutan, Bhutan Mobil, Botswana Mobil, Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso Mobil, Burundi, Burundi Mobil, Cape Verde, Cayman Iceland Mobil, Denmark Mobil, Dominica Mobil, Ivory Coast, Ivory Coast Mobil, Ecuador Mobil, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia Mobil, Faroe islands, France Mobil, French Polynesia, Gabon Mobil, Grenada Mobil, Greece Mobil, Great Britain Mobil, Guinea, Guinea Mobil, Haiti, Haiti Mobil, Honduras, of Honduras Mobil, Ireland Mobil, Israel Mobil, Italy Mobil, Jamaica Mobil, Yemen, Yemen Mobil, Cameroon Mobil, Comoros, Croatia Mobil, Lesotho, Lesotho Mobil, Lebanon Mobil, Liberia Mobil, Libya, Libya Mobil, Lithuania Mobil, Luxembourg Mobil, Malawi Mobil, Maldives, Maldives Mobil, Mali, Mali Mobil, Morocco, Mauritania, Mauritania Mobil, Mayotte, Mexico Mobil, Micronesia, Micronesia Mobil, Moldova Mobil, Mongolia Mobil, Mozambique Mobil,Namibia Mobil, Nepal, Nepal Mobil, New Zealand Mobil, Netherlands Mobil, Nicaragua Mobil, Norway Mobil, Oman Mobil, Palestine, Palestine Mobil, Peru, Peru Mobil, Philippines Mobil, Poland Mobil, Portugal Mobil, Qatar, Qatar Mobil, Reunion, Romania Mobil, Samoa (west.), Samoa (west.) Mobil, San Marino Mobil, Senegal Mobil, Serbia Mobil, Sierra Leone, Slovakia Mobil, St of Kitts & Nevis Mobil, St Lucia Mobil, St Pierre & Miquelon, St Vincent & the Grenadines Mobil, South Africa Mobil, Suriname, Suriname Mobil, Swaziland Mobil, Syria, Syria Mobil, Tonga, Chad Mobil, Czech Rep. Mobil, Tunesien, Turks & Caicos Mobil, Uruguay Mobil, Venezuela Mobil, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates Mobil, Virgin Islands (GB), Belarus, Belarus Mobil.
Zone 5: Albania Mobil, Andorra Mobil, Bosnia Herzegovina Mobil, Brazil Mobil, Bulgaria Mobil, Cape Verde Mobil, Chile, Djibouti, Djibouti Mobil, Falkland Is., Faroe Is. Mobil, French Guyana Mobil, Gambia, Gambia Mobil, Gibraltar Mobil, Greenland, Guadeloupe Mobil, Guyana, Guyana Mobil, Indonesia Mobil, Iceland Mobil, Comoros Mobil, Congo DR, Congo DR Mobil, Kosovo Mobil, Latvia Mobil, Liberia, Liechtenstein Mobil, Madagascar Mobil, Malta Mobil, Morocco Mobil, Marshall Is., Martinique Mobil, Mayotte Mobil, Macedonia Mobil, Monaco Mobil, Montenegro Mobil, Myanmar, Myanmar Mobil, Reunion Mobil, Zambia, Switzerland Mobil, Sierra Leone Mobil, Slovenia Mobil, Spain Mobil, St Pierre & Miquelon Mobil, Sudan Mobil, Togo, Togo Mobil, Tunisia Mobil, Central African Rep., Central African Rep. Mobil, Zimbabwe Mobil.
Zone 6: Rest of the World.