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Voice tariffs

All calls
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.09
Calls to Blau
Mo-Su 0-24
All other calls
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.05 € 0.15

Bonus minutes (Klassiktarif)

Every time you refill your Blau Klassiktarif prepaid card you get free outgoing minutes to all other Blau numbers:
- € 15 - € 29.99 refill: 60 free minutes
- € 30 - € 200.00 refill: 120 free minutes
The free minutes are valid for 30 days.

With a monthly fee of € 3.90 you can speak with no limits to all Blau numbers. All other rates are the same as the Einheitstarif.


With a monthly fee of € 15.00 you can speak with no limits to all Blau and landline numbers. All other rates are the same as the Klassiktarif.

Data Packages

there are 4 data options with Blau:
- 100 MB-Datenpaket: 100 MB of data at € 3.90, afterwards you pay 24ct/MB;
- 1 GB-Datenpaket: 1 GB of data at € 9.90/30 days;
- Daten-Flatrate: unlimited surfing at € 19.80/30 days;
- Tages-Flatrate: unlimited surfing at € 2.40/day

Additional Services and Costs
Messaging National SMS Einheitstarif: € 0.09
National SMS klassiktarif: € 0.10
International SMS: € 0.13
MMS: € 0.39
Data Calls GPRS/3G: € 0.24/MB (10KB increments)
Voice Mail free of charge
International Calls Europe (see below) landline, north America: € 0.12/min
Europe cellphones: € 0.29/min
all other countries: € 0.99/min
there's also a connection fee of € 0.15 per established call
International Roaming See E-Plus page
Billing Einheitstariff, national Calls: 60/60
Klassiktariff, national Calls: 60/1
International Calls and Roaming: 60/30
Refills/credit Online refill (VISA & Mastercard), from € 10 to € 200
You can find now also scratch cards in the "real world" without the need of internet and credit card
Validity period After each refill you get 180 days added to the validity you had at a maximum of 12 month.
Initial validity is 180 days

International calls zones

Europe and North America: Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Vatican, Belarus, Cyprus.

Roaming options

- EU Sprach Paket 50: 50 minutes in/out in EU: € 4.99, valid for 7 days;
- EU Internet Paket 50: 50 MB inside: EU, € 4.99, valid for 7 days;
You can activate the option you choose while you are out of Germany calling the free hotline 1155.

How to buy prepaid card is available at Saturn and MediaMarkt shops, or directly through their internet site You just need a VISA or Mastercard credit card and a German address where the sim will be sent to.