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Voice tariffs

Saunalahti Prepaid
All voice & video calls
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.066

There's a flat rate package for free calls to Saunalahti, Elisa and Kolumbus at € 6.90 every 31 days.
To activate write PUHE to 15020.

Additional services and costs
Messaging SMS & MMS: € 0.066
Data Calls € 0.066/MB, max € 0.99 per day
International calls national rate plus IDD rate (in Finnish)
International Roamingsee here (in Finnish)
Debiting method 1/1
Recharges/credit € 10.00/10.00
€ 20.00/20.00
€ 50.00/50.00
€ 100.00/100.00
You can reload your card (€ 10 to 100 on 5 cent intervals) in many ways. The easiest place is to do it at R-Kioski where you can buy vouchers.
Validity period 3 months for the starter kit, then it's 12 months after each refill

Data bundles

You can then select one of the following bundles:
- Rajoitukseton 3G: € 24,90/month: unlimited 3G surfing, unlimited calls and minutes.
- Rajoitukseton 4G: € 29,90/month - unlimited 4G surfing, unlimited calls and minutes.

How to buy

Saunalahti Prepaid is not internet based anymore: package and vouchers can be bought from stores, like R-Kioski, Elisa Shopits, and Prisma-markets.