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Voice tariffs

All Calls
Mo-Fr 7-18
All Calls
Mo-Fr 18-7, Sa-Su 0-24
€ 0.1885 € 0.1233

Every time you refill you get some free voice, text and data:
- 10-12.99€ refill: 600 mins to Simpel numbers, 100 free texts to all Simpel numbers, 500MB of data;
- 13-14.99€ refill: unlimited calls to EMT, € 0.05/min (plus € 0.05 set-up fee) for all other calls, 1GB of data;
- 15€ or more refill: per-minute rate for calls to all Estonian mobile numbers: € 0.0575, calls to all EMT numbers are free after the first minute, 1GB of free data for surfing the web.

Additional services and costs
Video Calls (3G only) same as voice calls
Messaging SMS: € 0.0978
MMS (max 100KB): € 0.3247
Voicemail same as voice calls
Data Calls € 2.55/MB
Daily limit of €1 applies for EMT Internet pricing option "Without a monthly fee". €1 a day provides unlimited data, but if the 200 MB allowance is used up, the speed is reduced to 64 Kbps for download and 32 Kbps for upload.
EMT Internet 250MB for 30 days: &euro. 1.00
EMT Internet 3GB for 30 days: &euro: 3.99
International calls see here (in Estonian)
International Roaming see here (in Estonian)
Debiting method 60/60
Recharges/credit/validity € 10, 13 and 15
validity period is always 6+1 months after the last refill of at least € 3.00