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Voice tariffs

Comcel Total
Calls to Comcel
Mo-Su 0-24
Calls to landline
Mo-Su 0-24
Other national calls
Mo-Su 0-24
International calls
Mo-Su 0-24
COP 242
€ 0.09
COP 348
€ 0.13
COP 604
€ 0.22
COP 2,309
€ 0.84

Comcel's website is not very rich in information and it's impossible to find several rates. There's another plan called "Vitamina L 2007" with different peak/off-peak hours with rates higher than the Total one. It seems that Total is some sort of promotional plan, BTW you can find all information in Spanish here.

Additional costs and services
Messaging SMS to Comcel: COP 137 - € 0.05
Other national SMS: COP 339 - € 0.12
International SMS: COP 406 - € 0.15
MMS: COP 1,212 - € 0.44
Voicemail unknown
Data Calls GPRS and 3G are available, rates are unknown
International Roaming unknown
Debiting Method 60/60
Recharge/credit/validity COP 10,000/10,000
COP 20,000/26,000
COP 30,000/45,000
COP 50,000/90,000
COP 1000,000/200,000

Useful information from our readers

When I was last in Colombia, OLA will not let you sign up (now it's called Tigo and it seems it works with no problem) without a cedula (a Colombian ID). I tried my American Passport and they would not accept it. COMCEL will accept a passport, be sure to bring the original, as photocopies will not work for connecting a cell or changing money. I don't have any idea what Movistar's policy is. Since OLA is the only company that's 1900 Mhz only, and I am not sure where what frequency's are used its probably safe to say that you should probably have a handset with 850Mhz. COMCEL also seems to be the only carrier that most US carrier's have a text messaging agreement with. So, if this is important to you, you might consider using them.

Thanks to Charles for the info!