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China Mobile

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Voice tariffs

Easyown - Easyown - ShenZhouXing
Local calls
Mo-Su 0-24
Long distance calls
Mo-Su 0-24
Roaming, local calls
Mo-Su 0-24
Roaming, long distance calls
Mo-Su 0-24
RMB 0.60
€ 0.06
local rate plus RMB 0.70
€ 0.07
RMB 0.80
€ 0.08
roaming rate plus RMB 0.70
€ 0.07

SIM cards are linked to a specific city (so be sure to get one for the city you'll mainly be staying at), however you don't get a local number, all mobile numbers start with (+86)13. Both incoming and outgoing calls are charged at the same rate.

Additional services and costs
Messaging National and International SMS: RMB 0.10 - € 0.01
MMS: RMB 0.60 - € 0.06
Voicemail ???
Data Calls GPRS: 0.03 RMB/KB - € 0.003/KB
WAP: APN=cmwap and IP=
Internet: APN=cmnet
There are also data packages, see below
International Calls For international calls there are several prefixes, depending on which of them you use and where you're calling to. The standard international rate is local rate plus RMB 8.00/min (€ 0.85). Calls to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are cheaper, at local rate plus RMB 2.00/min (€ 0.21). Using the 17951 prefix, by China Mobile, for calls to USA+Canada add RMB 2.4/min (USD 0.35) to the local rate, while for calls to Europe add RMB 3.6/min (€ 0.38). Using the 12593 prefix you can call Western Europe for 1.2 RMB/min
This function needs to be activated first, if possible at a China Mobile store, otherwise calling 10086
International Roaming not available
Debiting method All local and roaming calls are rounded up to the nearest minute (60/60), while the surcharges for long distance and international calls are billed at 6/6.
Recharges/Credit/Validity RMB 30/30, 90 days
RMB 50/50, 90 days
RMB 100/100, 180 days
RMB 300/300, 360 days
RMB 500/500, 360 days
If your SIM expires, you can re-activate it within ninety days by simply adding money through the 13800138000 hotline. If you do not add money during that 90-day grace period, the SIM will be deemed abandoned and you will not be able to retrieve it.
China Mobile Prefixes 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 158, 159

Data Packages

There are 5 data packages you can activate:
- 20 RMB (€ 2.13) for 150 MB using CMWAP or CMNET;
- 50 RMB (€ 5.32) for 500 MB using CMWAP or CMNET;
- 100 RMB (€ 10.64) for 2 GB using CMNET;
- 200 RMB (€ 21.29) for 5 GB using CMNET;
- 500 RMB (€ 53.21) for Unlimited CMNET (but not more than 15GB).
extra bundle: RMB 0.01/KB.
CMNET - it's Internet (all);
CMWAP - it's a internal wap-sites inside China Mobile network only (ringtones, pictures, etc.).

GPRS is automatically active (with the normal tariff): for switching on a special data plan you need to refill your account, call 10086, and ask to switch to a data plan. Phone support usually can speak english. Another choice:
- SMS with text: BLGPRS at 10086 - will receive a list of choices. - Send SMS at number 10086 with text: KT20, KT50, KT100, KT200 or KT500 and it should automatically switch to a data plan.
Text CXGPRS at number 10086 - receive a statistics of using and your data limits.

Data settings

Username: empty
Password: empty
Gateway Address:

The credit server (checking balance, recharging...) is located at 10086, when entering the menu for the first time you are asked whether you want it in Chinese or English. However the English pronounciation is quite bad. Other that that, it'll cost you some money to access it too.

Useful information

For some more very useful information take a look here.