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Voice tariffs

Speak Out
Local calls (in/out)
Mo-Su 0-24
Long distance calls (in/out)
Mo-Su 0-24
CA$ 0.25
€ 0.16
CA$ 0.45
€ 0.33

Incoming Calls

You pay both incoming and outgoing calls at the same rate.

Additional services and costs
Messaging National SMS (incl. USA): CA$ 0.10 - € 0.074
International SMS: CA$ 0.35 - € 0.26
MMS: not available
Incoming SMS are free of charge
Voicemail same as local calls
Data Calls you can add unlimited mobile browsing for CA$ 10.00/month (€ 7.45)
International Calls see here
International Roaming not available
Debiting method 60/60
Refills, credit, validity CA$ 25/25, 35/35, 50/50, 100/100
validity is always 365 days

911 Emergency service access fee

Every month a CA$ 1.25 fee will be deducted from your Pay As You Go account to cover the provision of wireless access to emergency 911 services. However, calls you make to 911 from your Pay As You Go phone are at no charge.