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Tariff plans are the same for all Brazilian states, but the value of taxes is different, so the final rates are different by a few cents in each state. Here we list rates including Rio de Janeiro taxes.

Voice tariffs

Infinity Pre
Local calls to landline
Mo-Su 0-24
Calls to TIM (any state)
Mo-Su 0-24
Local calls to other mobiles
Mo-Su 0-24
Long distance calls (mobile+landline)
BRL 0.50/call
€ 0.19
BRL 0.25/call
€ 0.09
BRL 1.59/min
€ 0.60
BRL 2.30/min
€ 0.87

Additional costs and services
Messaging SMS: BRL 0.50 (€ 0.19) a day for any number of SMS, any carrier (on net and off net). International SMS: BRL 0.79 - € 0.30
MMS: BRL 0.99 - € 0.38
Data calls BRL 0.50 (€ 0.19) a day (10 MBytes at 3g speeds, then capped to 50 kpbs);
BRL 1.99 (€ 0.75) a day (80 mbytes at 3g speeds then capped to 50 kbps);
to activate send an SMS with ATIVARMODEM to 1616
National Roaming Additional per call received: BRL 0.50 (€ 0.19) per call;
Received call: BRL 1.99 (€ 0.75) per call;
No roaming fees apply to make calls within Brazil using TIM network.
International Calls Click here (in Portuguese)
choose "Pre-Pago" in the second options.
International Roaming Available, all information here (in Portuguese)
SMS sending costs BRL 1.99 - € 0.69
Debiting method 30/6
Recharges/credit Recharges are available on most stores which accept credit cards for payment, they can usually issue electronic vouchers with the same machine, or you can buy cards at newsstands (they are not so common anymore, the physical ones), in R$13.00; R$18.00; R$27.00; R$35.00; R$50.00 and R$100.00.