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Tariff plans are the same for all Brazilian states, but the value of taxes is different, so the final rates are different by a few cents in each state. Here we list rates including Rio de Janeiro taxes.

Voice tariffs

Oi Cartão Qualquer hora
All local calls
Mo-Su 0-24
BRL 1.59
€ 0.60

Long distance calls

National long distance calls have the followind surcharges (peak/off-peak):
- Calls to landline: BRL 0.54/0.30 - € 0.20/0.10
- Calls to mobile: BRL 1.99/1.40 - € 0.75/0.50

Additional costs and services
Messaging SMS: BRL 0.42 - € 0.16
MMS: BRL 0.49 - € 0.19
Voicemail BRL 0.22/min - € 0.09/min
Data Calls 5 MB a day, for BRL 0.50 (€ 0.19), send SMS with Oi to 3505;
10 MB a day, for BRL 1.00 (€ 0.38), default offer;
15 MB a week for BRL 2.90 (€ 1.10), send SMS with Oi to 3515;
30 MB a month for BRL 9.90 (€ 3.75),send SMS with Oi to 3530.
Max speed is 1 Mbps, capped to 50 kbps if you use more data.
You can buy the package again as soon as it is depleted, no need to wait for the validity period to finish.
National Roaming No roaming surcharges applies when in another state that has got Oi coverage.
International Roaming Not available for prepaid users
Debiting method 1/1
Recharge/credit BRL 10.00, 30 days
BRL 15.00, 30 days
BRL 25.00, 45 days
BRL 50.00, 60 days
BRL 100.00, 90 days
Recharge are available on most stores which accept credit cards for payment, they can usually issue electronic vouchers with the same machine, or you can buy cards at newsstands (they are not so common anymore, the physical ones).
You can check the balance dialing *804.
You can check the "bonus credit" dialing *805.

The mechanics in Oi are pretty hard to understand. Every month you recharge you get double the value of the recharge in "daily bonus", they give the same amount you recharged in "bonus credits" for every day of the month, so if you recharge R$20.00 you get R$40.00 daily to use in "bonus permitted expenses", the bonus can be used to call other local Oi mobiles, local Oi landlines, Long distance Oi landlines, long distance Oi mobiles, and SMS to any operator. Also these recharges must be between R$12.00 and R$25.00. You need to recharge by the 5th day of the month to get the bonus up to the 30 following days.
It's not much recommend for a visitor: hard to understand and estimate expenses.

International Calls
Zone 1 BRL 3.68 - € 1.51
Zone 2 BRL 2.39 - € 0.98
Zone 3 BRL 5.32 - € 2.18
Rest of the World BRL 7.85 - € 3.22

International Zones

Zone 1: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, United Kingdom, Russia Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela.
Zone 2: Portugal, Canada, USA.
Zone 3: Australia, Israel, Japan.