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Voice tariffs

Refill ---> AUD 20 AUD 30 AUD 50
Rate per min AUD 0.60 - € 0.30 AUD 0.40 - € 0.20 AUD 0.30 - € 0.15
Night Talker
Refill ---> AUD 20 AUD 30 AUD 50
Free mins 0 120 240
Refill ---> AUD 20 AUD 30 AUD 50
Free SMS 0 60 120

Tariffs in detail

When you activate a Vodafone Prepaid card you have to choose among one of the above mentioned options.

If you choose the "TXTer" option you have an AUD 0.60/min call rate and the chosen free SMS amount. A Set-up fee of AUD 0.20 applies to ALL national calls.
For all the 3 options there is a credit validity of 30 days.

After the first refill you can also choose a third option: "365 days", it has no free texts and an AUD 0.60/min call rate, but it has a validity of 365 days.

You can switch among the 3 options free of charge once per refill; when switching from "Talker" or "Night Talker" to "TXTer", you immediately switch to the "TXTer" call rate (30c per 30 seconds). However, when switching on the opposite direction you are allowed to keep your accumulated free SMS messages. And finally, if you switch to the "365 DAYS" option, you switch back to the standard call rate (30c per 30 seconds) and lose all free SMS messages you have accumulated.

Voda-Voda Free minutes

There's another bonus, which you always get, regardless of which of the other 4 you are using. It basically gives you free minutes to other Vodafone mobiles (at any time), and the number of minutes increases with the size of the recharge.

Refill ---> AUD 20 AUD 30 AUD 50
Talker 20 100 200
Other plans 20 60 120

A Set-up fee of AUD 0.20 applies anyway.

Additional costs and services
Video Calls (3G only) AUD 0.90/min - € 0.57 plus AUD 0.20 setup fee
Messaging SMS (national and international): AUD 0.25 - € 0.13
Picture MMS: AUD 0.50 - € 0.25
Video MMS: AUD 0.75 - € 0.38
Voicemail Retrieval: same as voice calls
Deposit: free of charge
Data Calls GPRS: AUD 0.01/KB - € 0.005
International calls variable rates, click here
International Roaming variable rates, click here
Debiting Method 60/60
Validity "Talker" and "TXTer": 30 days
"365 days": 365 days
Vodafone Prefixes 404, 405, 406, 410, 414, 415, 416, 420*, 424; * = 4201 assigned to Globalstar

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Purchasing is nice and simple, like their biggest competitors Telstra and Optus, very much a walk in walk out affair, although photo ID is legally required (overseas passport is sufficient). Activation is done over the phone with an operator.

Although it's not difficult to find a location selling Vodafone prepaid packs, they're less common than the outlets dealing in Telstra and Optus products.


Although the Vodafone network has a smaller coverage footprint than Optus or Telstra GSM networks, it still is quite reasonable covering 94% of the population. Besides, the coverage is not really much of an issue if you are visiting the big cities and surrounding areas (particularly Melbourne and Sydney).

SMS is available at 25c (although certain bonus options have free SMS credits), MMS is available at 75c (MMS messages containing a picture are free until Sep 2004).

3 main bonus options are available to choose from

Option 1: call rates decrease as recharge amount increases rates range from 10-30c per 30 seconds, with 20c connection fee.

Option 2: Free SMS message credits are included based on recharge amount. Voice call rate is 30c/30 seconds with 20c connection fee.

Option 3: Get 365 days to use the credits (instead of 30).

Vodafone Red SIM also includes 'Vodafone-vodafone' minutes which increase as the size of the recharge increases. This allows you to call other Vodafone network mobiles for only 20c, any time of day (up to the number of minutes allowed).

GPRS access for WAP is available.

Voicemail is also available (free deposits, retrieval at voice call rate).

There are no charges for receiving calls on Australian networks, and mobiles have their own area code, i.e. of the form 04xx xxx xxx, which means you can be called on that number anywhere in the country. Mobile-mobile rates are uniform, they do not depend on distance.

You can also check your logs on the Vodafone website, as well as manage diverts and other settings.

Recharging can be done with pre-purchased packs, online via credit card, phone via pre-registered credit card. Automatic recharging is also available at certain thresholds/frequencies to credit card.

You can also make overseas calls at reasonable prices, especially to places like the UK, NZ and USA.

There are also set to be cappedcall packages coming to Red SIM later in 2004. These packages 'cap' the credit usage at a certain point (e.g. make up to $500 of calls but pay no more than $79).

Nothing special.

Tips & Tricks

If you are traveling with others, if everyone gets a Vodafone SIM you can all take advantage of the free minutes between Vodafone mobiles any time of day.

Final Thoughts

Vodafone is another great choice for prepaid users, with a range of bonus options to suit the usage pattern of the customer.

For more information, my website Ausmobile has a prepaid guide on Australian mobile services